FEELING THANKFUL: Gratitude for All Who Support Us

We are so happy and grateful that the past few years have continued to bring more creative design projects to the table from our trusted clients who have supported us throughout the pandemic and recession. It’s a great feeling to be alive and busy when so many have lost so much. We never take what we have for granted and we can’t leave for our Thanksgiving gatherings before taking time to say thank you for your continued support and reminding you to organize your creative design checklists before 2023 checks out so that you have what you need for 2024.

Some of the services BP Designs brings to the table include event & document design, PPTs, signage, custom-designed icons, infographics, newsletters, digital/print ads, and social media promos, or direct mail campaigns as well as creative concepts, content, illustration, and animations for full video production. Let us help you get your creative deliverables checklist done before we ring in the new year. 

DIGITAL ADS: Mesmerize Them with Impactful Graphics

Sometimes not getting enough clicks from your digital ad isn’t about having a bad link. It could be about having a boring design. If you can’t get your viewer’s attention at the start, you can’t expect them to stick and click. It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve invested in your digital campaign strategy, if the graphics are not powerful enough to stop them, you could easily lose a significant portion of potential advertising revenue.

Even when your messaging speaks directly to your desired audience, they may scroll on by if the creative doesn’t make them feel like you get them. Today’s corporate internal and external communications audiences are busier than ever before. It takes a bold design to stop them in their tracks online with so much else going on, especially if it’s late and they are either still working or just taking a social media break.

Your visual image is the most important part of every digital ad. It is always best to include the human element when possible. If you have the time and budget to design and stage original photographs for your ad campaign, consider yourself lucky in our design-on-demand world. However, if you are using stock photos, be sure to budget in enough time to scout the best and most believable images you can find and stick with the same photo style throughout the ad campaign. Stay away from images that lack personality and look contrived. You may also want to include a little Photoshop time to boost the color and contrast and/or edit colors to better support your brand’s identity. If you opt for illustrations, be sure to find a style that would intrigue your audience.

Colors that pop and work together cannot be stressed enough to guarantee the success of your digital ads. Adding a color highlight when harnessing more subdued corporate colors can deliver a bit of an unexpected kick to your intelligent viewers. Professionally designed digital ads will always include esthetically pleasing color palettes. According to Hubspot.com, “color psychology can influence 85% of your customer’s purchasing decisions” and when you have a designer who understands this, your entire campaign can be taken to a whole new level. 

Professionally strategized content that is written to speak directly to your desired target market can make or break the follow-through. Your text and call-to-action commands will deliver more clicks when you use brief and empowering wording that makes the viewer believe they are the ones making the decision to take action.

Just be sure the placement is relevant to the audience you want to reach. You want to create as positive an experience as you can from the first glance all the way through to the final click and action. At BP Designs, we realize that impressions (views without clicks) can eventually lead to clicks, but we pride ourselves on designs that make it almost impossible for the viewer not to follow through with what our clients want them to do. Let us show you what a difference a professional creative boutique can make in your digital ad designs.

PRINT ADS: Still a Masterful Influencer

Spoiler alert: print advertising is not dead. From impressing your audience with your brand to influencing them to go to your website with a quick response (QC) code, print ads are still an in-demand, cost-effective way to reach your audience. So much so, that recent 2023 statistics showed a 112% return on investment (ROI), according to Linemark Communications Delivered. What is printed is still believed to be true more so than online information that can be easily edited and updated whereas once a magazine or newspaper is on the stands, it is out there in the hands of potential customers.

Both seasoned and millennial designers know that the tried-and-true secret to read-worthy print ads depends upon high-level graphic design and visuals that stop the page from being turned. Let’s face it, how your print ad looks, makes, or breaks it. If you want your readers to become your clients, you want to be sure you are speaking their language visually to keep their attention, make them want to read your message, and most importantly, respond to your call to action.

Consistency is key to any ad campaign. Once a designer has completed a discovery process of the desired audience’s hard and soft demographics and competitor’s campaigns, it’s time to get to work on strategic design concepts. By getting to know them and how to answer their needs and stand out from your competition, you get better results in establishing long-lasting relationships with clients you want to do business with. This is a simplification exercise to decide how to visually represent the messaging and the tone of how it is going to be presented to make the campaign a success. Once this blueprint has been established, it’s time to move on to the fun part of exploring colors, fonts, photography, illustration, and design styles that create a fresh look that marries the message with your brand’s image. 

Creating an annual yearly ad campaign has been proven to work well when you include four messages so that each quarter has a fresh message within the same consistent design style. By answering to the reader’s intelligence, you earn their trust by staying true to your brand, your goal, and your visual style. 

At BP Designs, we have been designing print campaigns for over eleven years with a combined triple decade of ad agency experience behind them. Our small creative boutique delivers award-winning graphic design and peace of mind for our clients who depend on us to deliver outstanding design under tight deadlines. When you need ad campaigns done exceptionally well and fast, we’re here to help. 

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