REBRANDING: When Only New Will Do

Many companies have rebranded since 2020 with simple, clean, styles that make them stand out in their industry and look ready for the future. Some examples of rebranding this past year include Instagram, Burger King, M&Ms, Indeed, Toblerone, Girl Scouts, Instacart, and Visa. 

Audiences are standing up and taking notice of new branding that is making corporations look more current. Companies also rebrand due to name changes, mergers, dividing firms, and adding new industries. Logos that were slanted are now straight, what was fat is now thin, and what was iconic is now text-focused (some brands are dropping their icons or making them extra sleek and simple). What was stacked is now compact, and primary and secondary colors are evolving to more subtle and classic hues that are digital-inspired. Some brands like Hootsuite’s interactive owl icon now appears emotive and empathic while other established brands are boldly changing their names like Microsoft 365 (formerly Microsoft Office). 

Rebranding requires an in-depth strategic discovery process with step-by-step goals to launch an introductory campaign with ongoing, timely teaser press releases leading up to the reveal. Once the logo concepts, fonts, colors, and icon exploration is accepted, work begins on a new Corporate Identity (CI) manual. This printable PDF file contains implicit instructions on how to work with the new logo, placement, branding colors, backgrounds, fonts, titles, text, icons, and every other detail needed to maintain consistency across all platforms/channels. Every deliverable must be designed with exceptional creative and produced with perfection. Deliverables include, logo, corporate stationary, print ads, brochures, direct mail, and all your digital needs from a website to eblasts.

While this may seem like a daunting task, BP Designs (BPD) has a proven rebranding system in an easy-to-follow approval process. We include our clients from day one through delivery and beyond as BPD is needed. We help you keep your existing audiences in the process of transforming your look to attract new ones. Let us show you how.  

Infographics: Show More and Say Less

Infographics have become increasingly popular in corporate internal and external communications where visual messaging has been proven to improve learning and retention by 400%, according to Forbes, who reported 60% of businesses queried used infographics and 84% of marketers who used infographics, claim they are effective.

Every successful infographic contains exceptionally well-designed graphics that not only grab the viewer’s attention but are also understood quickly due to the strategic placement of each element along with the carefully planned compatibility of colors, fonts, and background choices. A single sheet or slide only has so much real estate space available for use. The way in which this space is utilized as well as the negative space makes all the difference in delivering a clear message that is surprisingly intriguing and easy to take in.

Your data story can be more compelling than you realize when presented visually. Whether you are presenting, selling, educating customers introducing new products or services, your company’s history/overview/vision or mission statement, training employees, or HR directives, infographics can clarify everything that needs to said with images and clearly defined minimal text. Gathering your data and factchecking for accuracy is your first priority in establishing credibility. Then, you want to separate the various topics into compartments.

These compartments can then be divided into images to best express the information they contain. This can be done with timelines, charts, graphs, pie charts, photos, illustrations, projection evolution tables, sales forecasts, ROI history maps, past achievements tables, present and future goals calendars, comparison lists, and other mapping, along with easy-to-follow graphic icons. The overall theme or look can be concepted and designed with savvy header dividers, call-outs, and visual pointers that lead the viewer across and down the page with ease.

BPD has been conceptualizing and creating infographics for our corporate clients for over a decade. We thrive on taking the most complicated information and honing it into an easily understood and visually appealing format. You could say we spend a lot of time packing hundreds of pounds into five-pound bags. We always keep what is needed, highlight what is most important, and add a few visual surprises to make it more interesting. Let us show you how to get more out of your next infographics journey.

ANIMATIONS: Give Your Viewers Reason to Stay.

Today’s audiences are used to seeing moving pictures in just about every facet of their lives. It makes sense to give them what they’re used to if you want their attention. Thirty-three percent of companies now use animated videos for their internal and external communications (according to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey 2022).

Animations add joy to the learning experience. This brings in more readers who stay for the full story on every social media platform out there. This also applies to in-house business meetings, training seminars, remote learning, and onboarding employees. 

You create magic that holds them captive by bringing the subjects to life through animation. When your audience resonates with a style that keeps them watching, they learn and remember more. The style of the animations can be fun, techy, or casual and more inclusive than simply having talking heads. You can even animate your logo to give your brand a personality that your audience will fall in love with. 

BP Designs (BPD) has been helping companies for years to better explain complicated content, abstract concepts, and introduce new products and services in easy-to-follow animations that take viewers through a step-by-step process in an enjoyable way. Let us show you how to keep them watching so your intentions are a success. View some samples of our videos here.

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